Cash Truck 2

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€2000 / $3000 / 20 000kr
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Cash Truck 2: Slot Overview

When the first Cash Truck slot came out, it might have seemed like developer Quickspin were taking the mickey out of fellow studio Relax Gaming – Cash Truck/Money Train, come on. However, once the game was set in motion, it didn't take long to realise that Quickspin was deadly serious and had crafted a hugely enjoyable online slot set in an absorbing game world with superb gameplay and the potential for some big hits. Clearly, the game was a hit of its own because Quickspin has gone back to the drawing board, cranked out some new ideas and come up with Cash Truck 2.

One of the neat things about Cash Truck was its scrolling through the desert chasing a truck full of cash effect. That effect is back for Cash Truck 2, but this time instead of rolling desert and Monument Valley-style vistas, the truck and, by extension, the player who gets a motorbike rider's eye view, is speeding towards a futuristic city lit up by a hazy yellow sky. For comparison, it's a bit like Blade Runner 2049, when K heads to Las Vegas, a city made uninhabitable after being saturated by radiation from a dirty bomb explosion. Similar to the film, Cash Truck 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic, anything-goes, 'do what you have to do to survive' environment. In other words, it's every bit as thrilling as the first slot was (including the metal-driven tunes) and good for a bit of cyberpunk escapism.

Cash Truck 2 slot
Cash Truck 2 slot - base game

With 2 ways of being played, users can load up a stake of 10 p/c to $/€100 and navigate through the base game or buy their way to the bonus round. The options are 85 times the bet for at least three bonus symbols to trigger the Bonus Game, or 250x the bet for at least two bonus symbols and 1 super bonus symbol to trigger the Super Bonus Game. The default RTP value clocks in at 96.1%, or 96.6% for the bought bonus game and 96.74% for the bought Super Bonus Game. It may come as no surprise that Cash Truck 2 is a highly volatile slot, rated 5 out of 5 by Quickspin.

Cash Truck 2 is played on a 6-reel game grid, 7 rows high, but each reel has 2 to 4 symbols locked. When a win hits, the winning symbols are removed and replaced, plus up to 3 to 5 random locked positions are unlocked to reveal the symbol beneath. Tumbles continue until no new win appears. The symbols include clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts as the low pays, a blue pistol, a pink gun, a med kit, and 3 character symbols as the mediums and another character as the high pay symbol. Landing 6 symbol winning combinations pay 0.4x for the lows, 0.6 to 1.5x for the mediums, and 3x the bet for the high. Wilds help link winning lines by substituting all regular pay symbols.

Cash Truck 2: Slot Features

Cash Truck 2 slot
Cash Truck 2 slot - super free spins

The primary aim in Cash Truck 2 is to trigger the Truck Raider Bonus Game, which is like a hold 'n win round on roids. In addition, the base game has a couple of special modifier symbols:

  • Compressor – removes all symbols from the screen except wilds or scatters, causing a tumble. After the tumble, when no wins appear, the compressor and all symbols surrounding it are removed. If locked symbols are around the compressor, they are unlocked.
  • Cloner – selects 4 to 8 random symbols on the screen and converts them all into one of the symbols on the first reel. The cloner converts into the chosen symbol, as well.

Truck Raider Bonus Game

This feature is triggered when 3 unlocked bonus symbols are in view anywhere on the reels. If more than 3 bonus symbols trigger the round, the Bonus Game starts with 1 extra Expander symbol for each extra bonus symbol. The Bonus Game begins with 3 spins, and symbols display values as multiples of the base bet. Landing a symbol restores the number of spins back to 3. On each spin, cash or special symbols may land, and each one locks in positions for the rest of the feature unless removed by another feature. Here are the special modifier symbols:

  • Expander – unlocks 3 random positions from the locked area.
  • Booster – adds its value to all other symbols in the unlocked play area when it lands.
  • Super Booster – adds its value to all other symbols in the unlocked area when it lands and on each following spin.
  • Grabber – adds the values of all other symbols in the unlocked area to itself when it lands.
  • Super Grabber – adds the values of all other symbols in the unlocked area to itself when it lands and on each following spin.
  • Doubler – doubles its value whenever the spin counter resets to 3.
  • Cloner – selects the highest value in the unlocked screen, grabs the amount to itself and clones it to some empty spots.
  • Compressor – adds the values of all cash symbols in the unlocked area to itself, then removes those cash symbols, making space on the board.

Super Bonus Game

If one of the triggering symbols was a super bonus symbol, then the Super Bonus Game is awarded instead. The rules are the same, except the Super Bonus symbol carries over to the round, transforming into a Doubler, Super Booster, or Super Grabber for the feature.

Cash Truck 2 slot
Cash Truck 2 slot - super free spins

Cash Truck 2: Slot Verdict

Cash Truck 2 isn't technically the second Cash Truck game. That would be Cash Truck Xmas Delivery, which, as the title makes clear, was a Christmassy makeover for players who were keen on some lorry-chasing action during the holiday season. As a full-blown part two sequel, there really isn't much else fans of the first one could have asked for from Cash Truck 2. The music is heavy, the vibe is heavy, and the gameplay, well, it can get heavy as well. Quickspin has revived the thrilling spirit of the original Cash Truck, creating another immersive game world for players to lose themselves in while the studio tinkered around with the figures and features. Suffice it to say, if Cash Truck got your juices flowing, Cash Truck 2 is a must-see, too.

The game can be tough going, though, so it probably wouldn't suit a casual attempt at a cash grab. Organic free spins triggers may take effort to finally activate, and buying the Truck Raider Bonus Game can be hit, miss, and anything in between. A little redundant to say something like if you're familiar with Cash Truck, but just putting it out there. On the other side, Cash Truck 2 can soar when the grabbin's going good. Here the max win is recorded as 35,000x the bet, which was the maximum achieved during the studio's test run of 84 million spins. Win probability in general, such as the Super Win (40x) 1 in 237, Mega Win (70x) 1 in 467, or Epic Win (100x) 1 in 822, are more favourable than they were before, as is the increased default RTP. Though beware, the return value comes in three lower settings, as well.

Sure, the sequel may not rev up the series with groundbreaking changes, and the improvements are subtle. Consequently, some players may feel the excitement has fizzled out, leading to a mixed bag of reactions. However, one cannot deny that Cash Truck 2 holds its ground as a solid continuation, effectively striking the right chords with its reliable gameplay and fine-tuned enhancements. The beauty of the Cash Truck range lies in its ability to drag participants into a post-apocalyptic bad land, where law, order, and polite society have broken down to reveal humanity's darker, dog-eat-dog side.


Many of the improvements in Cash Truck 2 are subtle, yet experiencing the game’s fresh take and creative inclusions is certainly a must.

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