Folsom Prison

(Nolimit City) Slot Review

Folsom Prison by Nolimit City has not been reviewed yet

Hi there fellow slots enthusiast! I see you’re curious to learn more about the upcoming Folsom Prison slot release!

Expected to be a follow up to San Quentin, the game is currently being developed by online casino software provider Nolimit City. The expected release date is yet to be decided. As Folsom Prison is still under development, we have not yet had the opportunity to try it out in order to conduct a full review. We will publish an update on the Folsom Prison slot as soon as more information comes in, so be sure to check back regularly. In the meantime, why not read up a bit on the actual Folsom State Prison.

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Folsom Prison slot

Folsom Prison – word from the developer

The wrong crowd can get you into a lot of $h!t, in this case, we just got front-row seats to witness the brutal scenes at Folsom – one of the harshest prisons to carry out a sentence in. Cold-blooded and tough as nails, you’re gonna need to smuggle in something sharp. The default reel area starts out as 2222+ and 16 win ways, but can quickly expand to its full size of 46664.

Game Features

Toast Bet
At a cost of an extra 20%, the player is guaranteed a
Scatter symbol on the second reel.

There are 2 Wild symbols in the game: Wild and Cockroach
Nest. Wild can land on any except reel 1 and will substitute for any paying symbol.

Scatters can only appear on the middle two rows, reels 2-5
in the base game, and reel 5 in the Walk The Line Bonus. Congratulations, landing two Scatters in the base game unlocks the middle two rows on reel 5. If only two Scatters land, they will convert into one of the following: xWays, xSplit, Wild, or Cockroach Nest.

Walk The Line
Third time’s the charm; landing 3 Scatter symbols in the
base game will trigger 8+ Walk the Line Spins. Any Scatter symbols affected by xSplits award +1 spin.

The Chair
Take a seat, landing 4 Scatter symbols in the base game
will trigger 8+ The Chair Spins. Any Scatter symbols affected by xSplits award +1 spin.

Full of protein and crunch, cockroaches can go anywhere
in Folsom, but their nest will always spawn in the open positions on the 3 middle reels or transformed through Scatter. They’ll get any locked cell open for you.

xWays can appear anywhere and will transform into a
normal playing symbol. Will also increase the number of win ways.

xSplit symbols may only appear on the central 2 rows on
reels 2-5 and will split whatever they come in contact with, doubling the number of ways in the process.

Meet your maker
The max payout of the game is 75000 times the base bet.
Nolimit Bonus – Feature Buy Functionality Buy your way straight into one of the different bonus features, ranging from 68x to 1500x the base bet.

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