Gems Infinity Reels

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Gems Infinity Reels: Slot Overview

Gems Infinity Reels sees developer ReelPlay take their in-house built game engine into an enchanted world of gems and princesses. They've been down a vaguely similar route in the past in Zodiac Infinity Reels, so perhaps the studio has found a sweet spot where Infinity Reels meets fantasia for an audience keen to get on board. Maybe so, yet in Gems Infinity Reels, ReelPlay has made a few changes to how these sorts of games usually function. None are likely enough to tempt the Infinity Reels doubters, but those into the format may welcome a break from the norm.

One evolution is apparent from the outset. Instead of one singular game grid, players get 2 of them stacked on top of the other. Twice the winning opportunity, you might think, yet ReelPlay has balanced other aspects to balance things out. At later stages of the game, it's possible to have up to 4 grids in play – an Infinity Reels devotee's dream come true. Squeezing extra panels into the game means they look a lot smaller than usual, the symbols especially so. When 4 game panels are unlocked, the symbols look like tiny little tokens.

Gems Infinity Reels slot

The rest of the view is a pink, purple, pastely world full of crystals, clouds, and craggy mountains, surrounding a ritual area, while a portal can be seen behind the game panel. It wasn't entirely clear what is going on, but the magical connotations are enough for a thorough fantasy feel. Designed to run on any device, though smaller screened users might suffer in free spins, bets may be set from 25 p/c to £/€100 per spin. From a purely numerical standpoint, Gems Infinity Reels serves up the standard set of numbers such as an RTP of 96.26% and medium-high volatility.

One thing keen Infinity Reels players will spot is the grid has been flipped from the usual 3x4 configuration to a 4-reel, 3-row one. This actually makes a much bigger impact on the experience than you might expect if you're not used to the way Infinity Reels operates. In another twist, just three matching symbols are required to create winning combinations – down from the usual five. When a win hits involving the fourth reel, another reel is tacked onto the right-hand side. If this new reel improves the win, another one is added – and so on, until no new winning symbols land. Then the grid resets back to its default size for the next spin.

As for the paytable, it's a little awkward to explain in writing. Basically, there are 4 sets of symbols, divided into groups called Spinel, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby. Each group has 4 symbols - a gem, a grabbable item, a 1x1 character symbol, and a 1x3 character symbol. The 1x3 sized symbols are wild, called Wild Princesses, which substitute for all symbols except the Unity Symbol. When a Wild Princess is used in a winning combo, it doubles the payout for the respective combination. The payout is only doubled once, even if multiple Wild Princesses are used.

Gems Infinity Reels: Slot Features

gems infinity reels slot

Working in tandem with added reels is the Symbol Multiplier, applied to all symbol wins. At the start of every spin, the symbol multiplier is x1. When a reel is added, the win multiplier increases by 1, or whenever a Wild Princess symbol appears wholly on the reel display, covering all three rows. Both Symbol Multipliers and added reels have no set limit imposed on them.

Keep an eye out for the Unity symbols - when 3 or more land in the base game, they trigger a payout and award 5 free spins. During free spins, Unity Symbols are collected as they appear. Collecting 5 of them triggers +5 extra free spins and unlocks a third reel set. Collecting 15 Unity Symbols triggers another +5 spins and unlocks the fourth game panel. Once all 4 reel sets are active, any Unity Symbol win awards +3 more spins.

The final feature in Gems Infinity Reels is the Unity Bonus. If at least 1 of each Wild Princess is fully in view during free spins, a bonus prize of 888x the bet is awarded. The Unity Bonus is not increased by the Symbol Multiplier.

Gems Infinity Reels: Slot Verdict

From the Infinity Reels games reviewed so far, there is a lot less reel addition going on in Gems Infinity Reels than any other. This is largely due to the grid using four reels rather than the usual three, making it a bit harder to link a win all the way across the grid. Gems Infinity Reels compensates in other ways, though it's not clear how it will go down with fans since the greatest joy derived from playing these types of games is adding reels to chain together crazy long winning combinations. This can still technically occur, though it is noticeably less than in previous Infinity Reels games.

So what do you get instead? Well, there are other ways multipliers may be used, and the number of symbols required to form a win is less than normal. Small changes, but they do create a unique Infinity Reels experience. The problem is it's not as satisfying as it is on a 3-reel game grid. Infinity Reels' appeal is anchored in its ability to add reels, and build lengthy combos as the symbol multiplier increments with the growing grid. This is much less apparent in Gems Infinity Reels; the grid stays static a lot, which kind of defeats the purpose. Free spins make a break from tradition, too, and you have a narrow window of just 5 free spins to activate additional panels in an attempt to build a payout.

If you're new to Infinity Reels, then this one is probably not the best to start your journey with. Other options do a better job of showcasing the mechanic's reel building abilities; some even scroll across the landscape as they go. On the other hand, if you've played a few of these, and enjoy them, then Gems Infinity Reels' subtle modifications might make a congenial change.


Gems Infinity Reels boasts enough expansion-fueled action to entertain those enthusiastic about ReelPlay’s in-house developed mechanic, though low potential hampers the excitement.

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