Zodiac Infinity Reels

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Zodiac Infinity Reels: Slot Overview

Despite there being quite a lot of albeit older Zodiac themed slots floating around, few are based on the twelve signs from Western astrology. Most in the cabinet have an Asian focus, making Zodiac Infinity Reels from Australian developer ReelPlay a more unique proposal. As well as letting players choose their sign to be wild, entertainment is provided by Infinity Reels, multipliers, jackpots and free spins.

According to Astrology, people are assigned a specific ‘sign’ depending on when they were born. For some, this sign supposedly influences things like our personalities, fates, fortunes as well as all manner of minutiae. Hey, some are into it, some aren’t and who knows? We live in an interesting world. Doubters point out there is surely more than 12 types of human beings walking the earth? However, much like politics, people who aren’t into Zodiac signs will never be convinced, just as much as proponents can be persuaded otherwise. For the sake of civility, let’s agree to disagree and just roll with it for now.

zodiac infinity reels slot

As the name implies, Zodiac Infinity Reels utilises ReelPlay's in-house developed Infinity Reel mechanic. Here, the game starts each spin with 3 reels which expand when wins line up. On a graphical level, Zodiac Infinity Reels grid is drenched in new age imagery. From a mountainous region bathed in starlight, to the symbols which are predominantly fairy art, Zodiac Infinity Reel is a nicely rendered game if you’re into this sort of thing. If not, you’ll probably feel like crushing sprites with a war hammer after about four minutes.

Players keen on some fantasy-style action can take part on any device, selecting bets from 25 p/c to £/€60 per spin. In many ways Zodiac Infinity Reels comes across as the opposite counterpart to Odin Infinity Reels where all stats have been toned down to cater to a different audience. Volatility dips to medium+, while potential has taken a major hit (more on that later). RTP is also lower than Odin’s was (96.18%) where you’ll find a theoretical return value of 95.57%.

Symbols are a fairy fest, the highs, at least, where we get three dreamy female types in blue, pink and green hues, topped by a fiery Celestial Guardian. It might have been nice to get more backstory to make sense of what is going on, but the blank canvas does let players invent their own if they’re keen. On the lower side are earth, air, fire and water elements, as well as a moon and a sun. The wild is pretty cool. Instead of taking what you’re given, you can choose any of the 12 Zodiac signs to take up the role. Choose your own if you like, or wildly cosplay with other signs - totally player choice here.

Zodiac Infinity Reels: Slot Features

zodiac infinity reels slot
Zodiac Infinity Reels - free spins

Central to the action here is the Infinity Reels mechanic. How it works is that, when the last reel is included in a winning combo, another reel as added. If symbols on the new reel improve the win, another reel is added – and so on until the win cannot be improved. In addition, spins start with a win multiplier of x1. Whenever a reel is added, the multiplier is increased by +1, resetting on the next paid spin.

As is the case with previous Infinity Reels slots, if on a single spin you manage to reach 13 reels in length or more, the Infinity Bonus jackpot kicks in to award a prize of 888x the bet.

Landing a wheel scatter symbol triggers a spin on a five-tier wheel. It starts with 8 free spins, which can award extras depending on where the wheel lands. If it points to a cash prize, the amount is awarded then play moves to free spins. If the wheel stops on free spins or a multiplier, those values are stored and you move to the next tier. Making it to the fifth level guarantees the mini, minor, major or grand jackpot worth 10x, 25x, 100x or 1,000x the total stake.

When the wheel sequence is complete, free spins commence. One change to them is that the win multiplier increments by whatever was collected from the wheel, which could be up to +7 each time. Even better, the multiplier does not reset between free spins, with no upper limit. A final point is when wheel scatters land during the bonus round, 4 free spins are added.

Zodiac Infinity Reels: Slot Verdict

In some ways we’ve come to a point where Infinity Reels slots rely more heavily than normal on their theme to stand out. There have been highlights. Odin had Megaways plus massive potential, and Book of Ultimate Infinity used expanding symbols in a clever way. Zodiac Infinity Reels on the other hand boldly runs with its theme since there isn’t much else going on. It’s always good going into a new experience with an open mind. Yet, no matter how open, Zodiac Infinity Reels feels like a niche slot restricted to a specific group of players.

Stats aren’t terrible, but they aren’t exactly a selling point either. For example, despite all this talk about infinite reels, the most you can win during the base game is 191x your bet. More is available in free spins, yet, not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things – 3,596 times your bet to be precise. When you consider the ‘infinite’ reels mechanic and multipliers incrementing by up to +7 per reel, it seems ridiculously low.

Like a progressive jackpot slot, Zodiac Infinity Reels is a game you play for a single reason. As an escape to Middle Earth, to dance beneath the moonlight as pixies weave between dimensions while spinning for coins. At least, that’s what we’re guessing. It’s hard to think of other reasons to give Zodiac Infinity Reels a whirl.


Zodiac Infinity Reels goes so hard on the fantasy angle it’ll rock a certain set of players while repelling just about everyone else.

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