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Illogicool slot

Illogicool: Slot Overview

Illogicool is an online slot by ELK Studios, a team quickly cornering the offbeat segment of the market. Illogicool is an unusual game which follows on from an equally quirky release titled Tropicool. That one told the tale of two birds on a tropical island located in Antarctica of all places. Illogicool heads to a destination that is orders of magnitude cooler – the cold depths of outer space. A journey to outer space might sound more orthodox than a flamingo and a toucan lounging on an icy beach near the south pole, but rest assured, ELK has managed to cram plenty of oddball moments into Illogicool.

It starts with a Space Jam sort of look where real life meets cartoon characters. The real people are two male and female explorers, while the rest is provided by the CGI like background imagery and furry Cluster Slide looking critters called Troubles. On the topic of background, the view is quite neat, depicting two astronauts tapping away at screens on floating chairs before a huge portal window looking out onto the universe. Decent, and once again, the soundtrack is outstanding, being a ludicrously good mix of samples, beats, and Western plod.

Moving behind the scenes, Illogicool comes with much the same set of stats as its predecessor did. This means an RTP value of 95% and a fairly high volatile math model. The setup has changed, though not drastically so as the action occurs on a game panel made up of 6 reels and 6 rows. However, this time, the special Cool reel running along the top is more integrated with the main reels because regular symbols land on it. Players collect coins when matching symbols land left to right in any row from the left-hand side, providing 46,656 ways to win. Any device may be used to fire out into the cosmos while standard bets range from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin.

The symbols are an odd mix, split between low pay neon J-A card ranks all worth 0.3x the stake, mid pay computers, ray guns, and spaceships worth 0.6-1.2x the bet for six of a kind. Topping the table are male and female space people, which land in 1×1 or 1×2 size, where six of them will get you 1.5-2 times your stake. To help you win, 3 types of wilds pop up at various points, too – a standard wild, a Monster Wild, and a Locked Wild. All wilds replace regular pay symbols to complete winning ways.

Illogicool: Slot Features

Illogicool slot

Naturally, there are a few similarities going on here, as were seen in Tropicool, but a bunch of new ones as well. Buckle in, and we’ll blast through them.


Each winning combination on the grid is removed once its payout has been made. Remaining symbols on the main grid drop down to fill the gaps. This process repeats for all winning combinations, and when there are no more wins, symbols drop down from the Cool Reel to fill spaces below, and the Cool Reel is refilled. When a Feature Symbol drops down from the Cool Reel, it becomes active.


Trouble symbols are activated when they fall from the Cool Reel. These fluffy little guys are able to create areas that change the symbols beneath them into the same symbol type, like an advanced mystery symbol system. There are also sticky Troubles which reproduce and spread to adjacent cells on the main grid, also transforming into the same symbol type – pays or wilds. Alternatively, if Troubles are overlaid on Bonus symbols, they are upgraded to Super Bonus Symbols.

Feature Symbols

Feature Symbols such as Wilds and Locked Wilds do not need to drop; they are active wherever they are. Wilds are self-explanatory, but Locked Wilds remain on the board for 3 wins. Monster Wilds are triggered when they fall onto non-Cool rows. Monster Wilds expand up and down to cover non-winning symbols on their reel.

Bonus Game

Landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 Bonus or Super Bonus symbols awards 10, 15, 20, or 25 free drops. Super Bonus Symbols award a starting win multiplier of x5, x10,x15, x20, x25, or x30 when 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 are present. During the bonus, two new symbols are added to the Cool Reel: Extra Drop symbols award 1, 2, or 5 additional free spins, while the Win Multiplier symbol increases the win multiplier by +1, +2, or +3.

X-iter Feature Buy

If you’re ready to splash a bit of cash to fast track Illogicool’s best parts, activating the bonus mode allows you to choose five options from the X-iter list:

  • Guaranteed win – 5x the bet guarantees a winning game round.
  • Locked Wilds – 10x the bet buys a game round with at least 3 Locked Wilds symbols in the first drop.
  • Troubles – 25x the bet for a game round with at least 2 Troubles adjacent to each other triggering sticky Troubles.
  • Buy Bonus – 100x the bet gets you a game round with 3-6 Bonus symbols.
  • Super Bonus – 500x the bet buys a game round with 3-6 Bonus Symbols, at least 2 of them being Super Bonus Symbols, so starting multiplier will be x10 at least.

Illogicool slot

Illogicool: Slot Verdict

On the whole, Illogicool was another fun ELK game to play, full of humorous elements, thrills, and a stack of features to digest. There’s a nice flow to the proceedings and nothing nefarious to report. However, it didn’t make quite as positive an impression as they usually do, and there’s only the outer wrapper to blame really, since aside from the niggly RTP, Illogicool’s features function without a hitch.

So then, the main issue is the cartoon/real-world blend feels a little off, as the own-brand homemade heroes stick out like a sore thumb. You can get away with this sort of thing in a game like Jurassic Park, for example, where a cast of recognisable faces bump up against cartoon dinos, but something about Illogicool didn’t sit totally right. This is just an observation, and who knows, other players might be all over the Who Framed Roger Rabbit thing, or not even notice it.

It’s easier to look past this side of Illogicool when the Troubles, cascades, drops and all the rest of it are going your way. Like all of ELK’s games that offer an X-iter feature menu, the more you are willing to spend, the more likely you are of squeezing max enjoyment out of Illogicool in a shorter space of time. It would be nice to get comparisons of stats when doing so, the way Nolimit City has been upfront with in recent games. For instance, the odds of triggering free spins with a starting x10 multiplier naturally compared to buying them for 500x the bet would be interesting. Just thinking out loud here. No matter how you attack the game, max win tops out at 10,000x.

Illogicool’s slightly off-kilter visuals meant the game didn’t feel quite as coherent a package as they usually are from ELK. However, Illogicool threw up a number of thrills during the test runs. Troubles are fun, and the offbeat originality was positive on the whole, making Illogicool a neat evolution of the ‘cool’ range’.


Whilst Illogicool does possess some of the quirk factor and a substantial number of features ELK slots are famed for, something about the mix of real and make-believe misses the mark.

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