Jackpot King Prize Lines

(Blueprint Gaming) Slot Review

Jackpot King Prize Lines slot

Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines: Slot Overview

If there is something Blueprint Gaming has a knack for, it is coming up with an idea, then tweaking it endlessly up the yin-yang. Examples of this include their Deal or No Deal range, Power 4 Slots, and Genie Jackpots, to name but three. Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines brings together two Blueprint concepts the studio is keen on flogging – one a progressive jackpot, the other an unusual, almost bingo-style gaming.

There have been a couple of these Prize Lines slots so far, one based around Fishin’ Frenzy, another one on King Kong Cash – both prevalent Blueprint tropes. Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines does away with the cartoon characters to plonk players in a casino environment that feels like it’s trying to be classier than it actually is but is fully aware and doesn’t care anyway. Its classic Jackpot King décor means ruby red padded leather walls, lashings of gold trim, and a boogying on down soundtrack. You half expect Guy Smiley to come running up on stage and start pulling numbers out of a tombola.

This being a jackpot slot, the base RTP is 95%, plus 2.32% for the pot and 0.68% as a reserve. As well as setting bets of 20 p/c to £/€10, players have a number of controls to limit their spending or help curb their enthusiasm. These include how many extra spins there can be, the maximum cost of extra spins, the maximum stake for any single game, and the max loss. It is easy to get caught up in the flow, so these tools are a welcome addition.

Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines: Slot Features

Jackpot King Prize Lines slot

The rules of the game are very different from your regular button smashing, spinning reels slot. You first pick a bet; then you get 5 spins per round at this stake level. Hitting start gets the grid moving which is made up of red gemstones (which are effectively dead symbols) and crowns.

If a crown lands on the grid, it turns gold and locks in position. The aim here is to land 5 crown symbols on a prize line – this can be either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The more prize lines you get during the 5 spins, the better the rewards; the prizes for making 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 lines is 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, or 20 times the base bet respectively.

Another symbol to keep your eye on is the gold coin. When this symbol appears, you will be offered the choice of 4 different objects; orb, ring, sceptre, or chalice which will reveal one of the following modifier extras:

  • +1, +2, or +3 additional spins.
  • 1, 2, or 3 additional crown symbols.
  • Access to the Wheel King feature.

When the 5 spins have finished, you can collect the value of any completed lines.  Then the process starts all over again with a new round of 5 spins.

However, you don’t have to collect the winnings. Instead, you can buy spins to keep the crown collection going. The cost is dependent on how many lines you have and how many crowns are already on the grid. It can get quite pricey.

Covering the grid in crowns also triggers the Wheel King feature. Here you get 1 spin to win a bet multiplier (up to 1,000x) or one of the 3 jackpots – the Royal, Regal, or Jackpot King.

Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines: Slot Verdict

You can see why Blueprint Gaming is pushing ahead with their Prize Lines concept. It is a unique slots experience (if you can even call it a slot) that is sure to prove irresistible to certain players. It’s like staring in your own game show rather than simply spinning reels, in a slot that only has a bonus round. With a bit of imagination, you can even pretend you’re playing an elaborate round of bingo, supplied by substantial prizes from the Jackpot King network.

The way the game is set up makes it hard not to hit the spin button, even when the current bet cost has far surpassed the original base value. The compulsion to keep pounding on when all it takes is a few more crowns to win a full house and trigger the Wheel King is strong. Keep an eye on the current bet, though, because it can rack up to significant levels when you get close to covering the game grid in crowns. The concern is you can find yourself committed despite your better judgement. Bowing out with a low number of lines doesn’t put many coins to your pocket, especially when just one or two, or maybe a few more spins, could get you a full house. In short, it is surprisingly easy to get caught up in the dopamine flow. To its credit, Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines does provide extensive player controls to keep a lid on the spending.

The subject of max win isn’t as cut and dry as you might expect. First off, there is a win cap of £250,000, or 50,000x the bet – whichever comes first, mentioned in the help files. No doubt this doesn’t include the Jackpot King prize itself, but the biggest non-jackpot amount you can score from the Wheel King feature is 1,000x the bet. A lucky player won more than €8 million from the Jackpot King network in April 2020, so immense prizes are up for grabs.

All told, Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines provides engaging, cleverly designed gameplay. It’s not hard to imagine some players flocking to Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines. It’s been smartly put together to produce a high replayability factor, and after a while, you kind of feel like you’re sitting in your very own upmarket bingo hall, if such a place exists. Factor in a possible million Euro plus win, and you’ve got the recipe for some entertaining nights in with Jackpot King Deluxe Prize Lines – as long you’re cool with the whole Prize Lines concept.


Jackpot King Prize Lines is easy to overlook with its simplistic visuals and basic premise, but in fact proves to be a fairly worthwhile endeavour for any jackpot hunter.

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