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Land Of The Free: Slot Overview

'O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave…' so wrote Francis Scott Key, lawyer and poet, in 'Defence of Fort M'Henry', a poem written during the War of 1812. The poem contributed lyrics to 'The Star-Spangled Banner', which became the official national anthem of the United States of America in 1931. Land Of The Free is also the title of Nolimit City's poke at certain aspects of American society, possibly angering some folk as much as it entertains others. Maybe more so. As a result, let's try to keep politics and whatnot out of the review, concentrating instead on the more mechanical and aesthetic aspects while players make their own minds up on the rest. Hey, every country has its ups, downs, and sideways, after all.

Just to reiterate for fun, Land Of The Free is a slot that some may well find a tad offensive while others laugh their butts off. The game is situated in a mountainous landscape, populated by such members of the Langford Family as a black-eyed, hairy arm-pitted version of the lady from the 'We Can Do It!' wartime poster called Trailer Swift, Eski Moe, who is not happy to see visitors as she wields an axe. Then there's Mama, pregnant, holding an AR while sporting a crucifix necklace, and Cletus holding an 'I'm with stupid sign'… pointed at himself. You get the rather unsubtle picture. Land Of The Free is taking potshots at a certain segment of the American population. Unfairly or deservedly, you be the judge. The soundtrack is something else too, especially during the free spins phase, where an intense heavy metal rhythm sets the tone, adding an electrifying energy to the experience.

Land of the Free slot
Land Of The Free slot - base game

Less subjective is Land Of The Free's math model, which is highly volatile and available in several RTP configurations, defaulting at 96.08%. It's played in the base game on 4 active reels with the rightmost reel locked – hitting a scatter unlocks it, and each reel holds four positions, with a Conveyor Belt running along the bottom. Stakes of 20 c to $/€100 may be wagered, plus willing gamblers have access to an xBet and Nolimit feature buys.

Time to meet the whole family now, who appear on the high pay symbols, going by the names of A$$man, Trailer Swift, Cletus, Eski Moe, and Mama. Then there are the low pays - a Mega Burp cup, a gasoline canister, a bible, a bag of 'Not Drugs', and a prophylactic with 'West Virginia Chewing Gum' written on it. While the rightmost reel is locked, players get 256 ways to win, where 4 OAK payout values are 0.3 to 1.5 times the bet, increasing to 0.5 to 4 times the bet when all reels are unlocked, thereby providing 1,024 ways to win. In the main game, wild symbols can land on any reel, substituting all regular pay symbols. Partial and fully stacked character symbols may land, too. When fully stacked character symbols hit, they convert into stacked wilds.

Land Of The Free: Slot Features

Land of the Free slot
Land Of The Free slot - Benzo Bear feature

The USA is a huge, wide land full of varying peoples and landscapes. So is Land Of The Free when measured in features. Its list includes Conveyor Belt features, scatters, Titan Spin/Idiot Spin, Tsunami Spins, Submerged Spins, and feature buys.

Conveyor Belt Features

Conveyor Belt Feature symbols appear on the conveyor belt beneath the main set of reels, acting like so:

  • Protein Powder Keg – activated if there is a partially stacked symbol on the same reel. Converts a partially stacked symbol to a fully stacked symbol.
  • Bottles – this is a crate with 1 or 2 bottles. If 1 bottle triggers, any random paying symbol on the same reel is converted into a wild. If it's 2 bottles, then the first bottle converts any random paying symbol on the same reel into Wild, while the second bottle splits that wild symbol into two parts.
  • Benzo Bear – a half-stacked Benzo Bear exists only in the main game and converts 3 to 8 random symbols into wild and/or scatter. Fully stacked Benzo Bears only exist in Submerged Spins and convert all symbols below the water's surface into wilds.
  • Mr Split & Chainsaw - Mr Split can appear on the rightmost reel (if it's unlocked) and splits all symbols except scatters from reels 1-5 on a row, depending on its size. It appears half or fully stacked in the base game. During Tsunami Spins and Submerged Spins, Mr Split appears as a fully stacked symbol and splits all symbols that are below the water's surface. The Chainsaw is active if Mr Split is present on the unlocked reel. The Chainsaw adds 1 more split to the already split positions on the same reel it appeared.
  • Rubber Ducks – when this appears during Tsunami Spins and/or Submerged Spins, it awards 2 spins per Rubber Duck. Each Rubber Duck increases the water level by one row during Tsunami Spins.


Scatters land on any reel in the base game. Hitting a scatter on reels 1 to 4 unlocks the rightmost reel. Hitting 3, 4, or 5 scatters triggers Tsunami spins, awarding 12, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively.

Land of the Free slot
Land Of The Free slot - Submerged Spins

Tsunami Spins and Submerged Spins

All reels are active during Tsunami Spins. The feature starts with the bottom 2 rows submerged underwater. If all 4 rows become covered by water, Tsunami Spins are upgraded to Submerged Spins, simply meaning all 4 rows are covered by water.

Titan Spin/Idiot Spin

If a submarine enters on any spin in the main game or on Tsunami Spins or Submerged Spins, the Titan Spin feature triggers. One of three 'Presidants' may appear in the submarine's window, and the multiplier of that 'Presidant' is applied to the base bet. If no 'Presidant' appears, no win occurs. The three 'Presidants' and their multipliers are Presidant 1, 2 and 3 worth 57,000x, 25,000x or 15,000x, respectively.

Nolimit Bonus Buy

Via the Nolimit Bonus Buy, players can buy into features, and where the Titan Spin is known as the Idiot Spin. Here, you can get Tsunami Spins for 68x the bet (RTP 96.18%), Submerged Spins for 258x the bet (RTP 96.21%), a Lucky Draw for 115.5x the bet (RTP 96.17%), or an Idiot Spin for 2,310x the bet (RTP 96.1%).

xBet: Asscar Mode & Action Spins

Activating the xBet increases the bet by 25% to guarantee a scatter lands on the leftmost reel while also unlocking the fifth reel. This also means there's a chance to trigger Mr Split which only appears on the rightmost reel. The default RTP for the xBet is 96.09%. Action Spins are another way of playing Land Of The Free at a brisker pace than usual.

Land of the Free slot
Land Of The Free slot - Titan Spin

Land Of The Free: Slot Verdict

Nolimit City is no stranger to controversy, but they have really outdone themselves this time. Land Of The Free is either the funniest sh*t you've seen on the reels in a long time or the most offensive. Reactions may vary depending on what part of the world players reside in, maybe not. Best to look away now if Land Of The Free ain't your cup of tea. There are plenty of other slots out there that aren't trying to stir up as much humour, angst, lols, disgust, whatever, as Land Of The Free does. If nothing else, though, there is no denying Nolimit City is a creative bunch, willing to lead gamblers like a demented, or a genius, Pied Piper down paths never dreamed of before.

What also appears evident is the extra care and thought Nolimit City poured into Land Of The Free than they did in the last game, Devil's Crossroad. The devil game was NLC's first release of 2024, and it feels like they saved their bigger ideas to ejaculate them across the reels in Land Of The Free. The game is rammed with Easter Eggs, with clever touches to be found at every turn. Ever met a stranger and hit upon a topic you both deeply relate to and you can't stop jabbering about? It feels like the topics in Land Of The Free were dear to Nolimit City's heart, and the team had a lot to say on the matter.

And, while they were at it, the team jammed in a ton of good gameplay to match the theme blasts. The Conveyor Belt features, for example, are good ones which trigger from the belt when certain conditions are met and may get better the more submerged the grid is. Free spins trigger at a rate of 1 in 218, or 1 in 92 spins with xBet active, so theoretically, at least, players aren't waiting for the resolution of the next US debt ceiling showdown before they activate, and buying them is relatively down to earth. Can't say the same for the Idiot Spin, however, which is even more heroic (or foolhardy?) than the God Mode buy from Nine To Five. Players really need to tread carefully here as it can burn you faster than a hot poker in a gunpowder barrel.

In short, Land Of The Free should be a game which ticks a lot of the right boxes on NLC fans' checklists. It is absolutely chock full of irreverent humour; parts are a little bit gross; it sticks a middle finger up to a certain swathe of the population and dumps an impressive max win of 57,000x the bet on them. Beware the extreme volatility as usual, but if you can stomach that, then you should be able to stomach everything else Land Of The Free pours up on your plate.


Land Of The Free’s immense levels of controversial creativity will have some in awe at the studio’s comedic genius while others fear for its sanity.

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