Monsters vs Gigablox

(Hot Rise Games) Slot Review

Monsters vs Gigablox slot

Monsters vs Gigablox: Slot Overview

If there is one thing people are good at, it’s dreaming up different threats to our species’ existence. From zombie infestations, asteroid strikes, war, nukes, pandemics, alien invasion, the list goes on. Fortunately, in most fictional extinction-level events, the human race usually figures out a solution and survives to fight another day. One popular scenario is the rise of mega-monsters that appear from the depths, or somewhere, to bash cities to the ground. Godzilla is the prime example, and Monsters vs Gigablox from Yggdrasil partner studio Hot Rise Games attempts to tap into this primal fear. In this game, players get to spin alongside monsters, Gigablox, and free spins where a double value Rampaging Monster symbol arises.

For Monsters vs Gigablox, players are furnished with a bird’s eye view of a flaming city surrounding a game panel consisting of 6-rows, 6-reels, and 50 fixed paylines. You won’t see many beasts in the city, but there are plenty on the grid since they make up the premium paying symbols, and one becomes a Rampaging Monster when free spins trigger. Visually, Monsters vs Gigablox is quite eye-catching; the burning city and striking artwork create a graphic novel look, and the symbols, while a little jarringly bright compared to the rest of the view, add a Gundam quality.

Numerically, Monsters vs Gigablox isn’t exactly Kong, despite possessing a highly volatile math model. Players can look forward to a hit frequency of 38.38%, occurring when at least three matching symbols land left to right from the first reel, feeding into an overall return value of 96.08%. Stakes can be set from 50 p/c to £/€80 per spin, which means it isn’t exactly the most low-roller friendly of slots.

Symbols come in all shapes and sizes while being highly colourful as well. On the lower side of things, we get 9-A card rank symbols before moving on to six premium monster symbols, led by a mighty King Kong looking character. Golden crowns are wild, so they don’t have a value of their own, but they are used to complete winning lines by substituting for all paying symbols.

Monsters vs Gigablox: Slot Features

Monsters vs Gigablox slot

Banging its chest in the middle of everything is the Gigablox feature, on loan from makers Yggdrasil. Gigablox symbols are larger sized tiles, appearing at random on any merged reels to form blocks of symbols in 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 in size. When forming a win, they are broken down into their 1×1 sized symbol parts for the payout evaluation. In the base game, Gigablox symbols can be made up of any pay symbol, scatters, or wilds. In free spins, only picture symbols are used to make Gigablox symbols.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus round is triggered when at least 5 scatter symbols land on the reels. Players win 4 free spins +1 spin for each triggering scatter symbol, so 9-40 in total. The most common monster symbol in view when free spins are awarded becomes the Rampaging Monster during the feature. The Rampaging Monster is wild and appears in a golden form. Wins with the Rampaging Monster are worth twice as much. Gigablox tiles are larger on average in free spins and, as mentioned above, only show monster symbols.

Buy Bonus

Should players opt to buy free spins, they can do so, where available, for the cost of 75x the bet. Buying the bonus round comes with 9-30 free spins and an RTP of 96.27%.

Monsters vs Gigablox slot

Monsters vs Gigablox: Slot Verdict

Hot Rise Games blasted off the block with a new concept called Hot 1, which they used in Legion Hot 1 and Medusa, before calming down for Super Massive Infinity Reels and continuing to mellow for Monsters vs Gigablox. It might give off airs that this is some big, scary beast of a game, yet really, Monsters vs Gigablox is somewhat tame, all things considered. You can’t fault the way the studio has used Yggdrasil’s popular game mechanic, but they haven’t backed up the neat visuals and ground shaking atmosphere with much in the way of hard-hitting features or hugely enticing potential.

Once again, Gigablox shows that it can successfully be paired with just about any theme or math model combination developers come up with. On one side of the spectrum sits slots like 90K Yeti Gigablox from 4ThePLayer, a proven big win game, while on the other side are slots like Monsters vs Gigablox, which is arguably less of a wild ride. Its max win certainly doesn’t impress, where even smashing the entire city to bits would result in a win of 3,116x the bet at the most.

The features in Monsters vs Gigablox can be fun, but like the potential, a bit more of them wouldn’t have gone amiss. This was made more apparent by the cinematic quality brought about by the vibrant audio-visuals, though the symbols might be a little too vibrant for some tastes. Gigablox does its dynamically random thing as always, yet the Rampaging Monster symbol with its double value in free spins felt a little lonely by itself. To be fair, using monster only Gigablox symbols that are generally larger in free spins is a nice touch. Shame there weren’t one or two more nice touches to pad the game out a bit further.

You can see where Hot Rise wanted to go with Monsters vs Gigablox, and it kind of reaches its destination. There are good times to be had here for the right player, but the slightly limited gameplay and less than heroic max win holds Monsters vs Gigablox back from being the sort of spectacle that really causes townsfolk to sprint for the hills in terror.


The baddies in Monsters vs Gigablox might be big, but the game they star in isn’t quite so monstrous.

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