Player Triggers 10,000x Max Win In Single Spin In ELK’s Nitropolis 2


When you play slots, review them, or just have a general interest, you come across some truly astonishing figures. For instance, many games often tout huge potential wins of thousands of times the bet on a single spin. While no one is saying they aren’t technically possible, it is rare to see a humble base game spin produce something to match an epic bonus round.

Well, forget all that for a moment and cast your eye over this short but explosive clip from ELK Studios cracker Nitropolis 2. Both Nitropolis slots are uniquely designed games, set in a post-apocalyptic future, where humans no longer exist, animals have evolved, and clans of critters run the joint. Checking out ELK’s brilliant teaser trailer for part one will either explain everything or leave you with more questions than you started.

The two games share the same singular theme, fantastic effects, and a tendency to produce an utterly ludicrous number of win ways with their Nitro Reels symbols. One area Nitropolis 2 differs from part 1 is the addition of a Nitro Booster reel. In a similar fashion to Nolimit City‘s Punk Rocker, feature symbols land on the Nitro Booster, bringing a host of benefits. These feature symbols are one part of the puzzle; the other is Nitro Reels, which make a comeback from the first Nitropolis game and are the reason why win ways can creep so high. Nitro Reels land on any reel and take up two positions. Each Nitro Reel can hold anywhere from 4 to 12 instances of the same symbol, boosting ways to numbers rarely seen.

Interestingly, the player in this clip doesn’t need even a tenth of the ways the game is capable of drumming up. The clip’s initial spin lands a couple of feature symbols to tee up what comes next. One is a Nitro Upgrade on the second reel, adding extra symbols to the two Nitro Reels. The second is a Respin, where Nitro Reels and bonus symbols are locked in position.

nitropolis 2 slot

The following respin is the stuff of legend. Extra Nitro Reels appear on reels 1 and 4, with a couple of Upgrades thrown into the mix. What blows them up is the All Wild feature symbol forcing every Nitro Reel in view to display wild symbols only. Adding in a pay-both-ways feature on the Nitro Booster, means numerous Jacks, Kung Fu Cats, and Pug Thug symbols are all connected for some Nitro Reels-fuelled pay both ways action.

The total win comes to $12,000, which isn’t bad at all off a $1.20 bet, and with no X-iter bonus buy insight. For players who like to have all the details, this result was achieved using 98,304 win ways – a long way off the games technical limit of 191,102,976.

This spin is a textbook example of what can happen in Nitropolis 2 when Nitro Reels, feature symbols, and regular symbols come together under the right conditions. Obviously, these sorts of hits are no everyday occurrence, but it’s nice to know that lurking out there are those unicorn base game spins that can pull off something special.

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