Prized Pets Gigablox

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Prized Pets Gigablox: Slot Overview

According to the Independent online newspaper, out of 2,000 people polled, 53% preferred spending time with their pets to humans, and interestingly, 17% preferred their pet over their partner for spending quality time. Clearly, for many people, there's nothing like the untainted, loving loyalty shown by a cat or dog or whatever sort of critter they like to spend their time with. Like John Grogan said in the film Marley & Me, 'A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever, or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his.' With that in mind, let's step into the world of Prized Pets Gigablox, an online slot from Northernlights Gaming with features such as a Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus, free spins, and four fixed prizes of the Pot bonus.

A collaboration with Yggdrasil Gaming, Northern Lights Gaming has gone for an offbeat, a little wacky, a little loveable approach when designing Prized Pets Gigablox. The pets have a cute look, the music has a strolling down Broadway feel to it, and the background imagery is taken up with miscellaneous items from a pet shop. Chew toys and cans on shelves, that sort of thing. To the right side of the screen, the Pot bonus prizes are listed, while in the middle is a 6-reel game grid, where the pets and Gigablox land.

Prized Pets Gigablox slot
Prized Pets Gigablox slot - base game

How Gigablox works is that on each spin, 2-6 reels can merge together to create large blocks of symbols. This could mean, for example, reels 1-2 create 2x2 sized symbols, reel 3 has regular 1x1s, and reels 4-6 land 3x3 sized Gigablox. Only the visible part of a symbol can be used in a win, and Gigablox symbols break down to their 1x1 parts for win evaluations. Like wandering around a pet shop to find the ideal companion, be aware that Prized Pets Gigablox is available in four RTP models, maxing out 96.1%, while volatility is high.

To win, the game has 25 paylines on which to land combinations of 3 to 6 of a kind. Hitting a line of six lower value food symbols - carrots, sunflowers, fish, or dog food triggers a payout of 2.5x the bet, while a full line of the higher value rabbit, bird, cat, or dog symbols is worth 5-8 times the stake. Present on all reels is a collar on a cushion wild symbol. Wilds pay up to 8x the bet for a line of five, or they can be used to replace any regular pay symbol to help complete a win.

Prized Pets Gigablox: Slot Features

Prized Pets Gigablox slot
Prized Pets Gigablox - Chomp Chomp Wild bonus

The switching, random, unpredictability of Gigablox is accompanied by features such as a Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus, free spins, and Pot bonus prizes.

Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus

Each high pay pet symbol is associated with a low-pay food symbol. The dog has the dog bowl with food, the cat has the fish, the bird gets the sunflower symbol, and the carrot goes to the rabbit. When the Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus randomly triggers, a pet appears on screen and turns any instances of its corresponding food symbols in view into wild symbols.

Free Spins

When at least 5 scatter symbols hit, the free spins round is triggered. Players win 1 free spin for each scatter symbol in view. Scatters can also land on free spins and each one that hits awards +1 free spin. According to the rules, free spins have more Gigablox and Chomp Chomp Wilds.

Pot Bonus

Little bone icons landing overlaid on 1x1 symbols are moved over to the Pot bowl. Each time a bone is collected like this, there is a chance the Pot bonus is activated. When triggered, 12 trophies appear on screen, hidden beneath red cloths. Players pick them one at a time to reveal the trophy beneath. Once three of the same trophies are revealed, the corresponding prize is awarded. This could be the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand prize, worth 30x, 200x, 1,000x, or 5,000x the bet, respectively.

Prized Pets Gigablox slot
Prized Pets Gigablox slot - free spins

Prized Pets Gigablox: Slot Verdict

At times, Gigablox can be a highly entertaining affair, as unpredictable as it can be thrilling. A prime example of what the mechanic is capable of is on display in the surprisingly good Hades Gigablox from Yggdrasil itself. At other times, the results can be a little more hit and miss, varying in quality from games like 90K Yeti Gigablox to less dynamic releases such as Mega Pearl Gigablox. Like the shifting reels of the mechanic, you really don't know what you are going to get next.

Prized Pets Gigablox sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, being neither an outstanding example of Gigablox's functionality nor a superfluous release. Cuteness is one of the overriding factors, which makes sense in a game about pets, and Northernlights Gaming has done a good job of expressing adorability through the main characters. The studio has also tied low pay symbols to high pays together quite well through the Chomp Chomp Wild feature. Not necessarily a game-changing effect, but a clever one regardless. Free spins are okay, though they're basically just base game spins with more of the better bits, and the Pot bonus prizes are there as icing on the cake. Prized Pets Gigablox might have had extra dazzle if Northern Lights Gaming had poured the potential from the Pot bonuses into a unique theme-centric feature, though. Also, it's a wonder how close to the max win figure of 5,223x the bet players can get without winning the 5,000x Grand prize.

If you're the sort of person who just can't wait to get home from a day at work to curl up on the couch with Moggie or throw a ball around for Fido to fetch, then Prized Pets Gigablox could be just the thing. It's not really the sort of game that is going to set Gigablox alight, yet Northernlights Gaming has turned on the furry/feathered charm to create a playable pet-powered online slot.


Prized Pets Gigablox doesn’t push the mechanic to dizzy new heights but there is some entertainment here to extract.

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