Relax Gaming’s Dead Man’s Trail Pulls Off Another Mesmerising 50,000x Max Win Result

Trim your mainsails and all that cos we’re off on the high seas with another Kraken of a win from Relax Gaming‘s salty-as-they-come slot Dead Man’s Trail. You better get comfy, too, as this big win clip is no one-off base game wonder spin like we saw Remember Gulag pull off recently. No, Dead Man’s Trail is a different machine altogether, and one which can take time to align all the pieces needed to achieve its tremendous win cap.

First up, the bonus round is bought for 100x the bet, shifting the action away from its 5×4 grid matrix to a bird’s eye view of an ocean scene, all coasts, sea, and sand. A trail is overlaid on top, consisting of tiles that display bet multiplier Normal tiles, skull ‘n crossbones End tiles, Mystery Chests, and a Start tile.

A random number of 1-9 is generated each game round, moving the player an equivalent number of squares around the trail. Landing on a Normal tile adds a bet multiplier to the winning total; landing on a skull ‘n crossbones End tile stops the feature, while the Start tile replaces all of the End tiles with Normal tiles. Pretty simple stuff – until you land on a Mystery Chest, where one of 11 special actions is triggered, potentially ramping up what’s possible from the trail.

dead mans trail slot

It takes a little while for this to kick in during the clip. The Commander is called forth from a Mystery Chest around the minute and a half mark, adding a modest value to all paying tiles on the board. Then, a Collector hits a few rounds later, pushing the bonus round’s winning total into positive territory. From there, it’s a consistently smooth uphill ride, and a couple of persistent modifiers are pulled on board – a Persistent One-Eye plus a Persistent Collector, who do an absolute number on the trail’s values.

It also doesn’t hurt that at one point, there are no less than ten 10,000x Normal tiles in view. Still, attaining the max win is by no means a foregone conclusion since all it takes is one End tile to bring everything to a close. What helps, though, is the significant number of resets in the round, clearing End tiles and helping keep the bonus round alive. A couple of 10k hits later, and it’s all over; the win cap has been reached, and an astonishing €150,000 is the final tally – a possible record win.

This isn’t the first Dead Man’s Trail max win to come bobbing our way, but like its Steampunk sibling, Money Train 2, they are captivating to behold. In this game, the point isn’t to land some massive one-off multi-way win a la Nolimit City or a full screen hit to achieve the max win. In this game, it’s more about synchronising a stack of parts to be successful, and when they do, it’s like watching some sort of Tetris Grand Master mesmerizingly stack everything in just the right place.

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