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Rock Bottom: Slot Overview

Hey, players, are you in the mood for a pick-me-up, feel-good game that'll inject a bit of warmth into your life and make you smile? If so, it might pay to back up real quick because Rock Bottom, from software company Nolimit City, is about the opposite. We all get a bit down in life, but hopefully not to the levels on display in Rock Bottom, which is draped in the sort of darkly sinister black humour Nolimit City excels at. To paraphrase the game info, hitting rock bottom doesn't mean it can't get any worse…

Still with us? Maybe this will act as another deterrent – 'This slot follows the downfall of someone who's lost someone VERY dear to them. Experience true psychological despair, as they embody 5 stages of grief, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and, finally, Acceptance.' It's worth reading the official Rock Bottom info because rarely does a game sheet sound so bleak. This is the sort of release armchair analysts could have a field day psychoanalysing the studio with. Of course, the game has been made with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but still. A bleak premise gets an equally bleak look, and the designers have largely stuck with a monochrome palette interspersed with bursts of colour, mainly from the symbols, which are bleak as well. Rock Bottom isn't as confrontational as, say, Serial or Mental, yet there's a sinister insidiousness here that attempts to worm its way under the skin.

Rock Bottom slot
Rock Bottom slot by Nolimit City

Rock Bottom is played on a 5-reel grid laid out in a 3-4-4-4-3 formation, with 576 ways to win. Matching symbols landing in adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost side, create a winning way. While not as crazily volatile as they can be from Nolimit City, an 8 out of 10 volatility rating still means this a potentially rough ride. RTP, meanwhile, comes in three levels – 96.04%, 94.03%, and 92%, market dependent. Players start the proceedings by picking a base bet of 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin. There is also an option to activate the Flush bet - this will increase the cost by 50% and guarantee a scatter on the second reel. The RTP for activating the Flush Bet is 96% at the highest setting.

For symbols, the lows are composed of 10 to A card icons, paying 1.1 to 1.5 times the bet for a five-of-a-kind win. After them are personifications of Anger, Denial, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance, awarding 2.5 to 7.5 times the stake for a line of five. There is no regular wild symbol as such in the game, but where special symbols mentioned below are wild, they are able to substitute for any normal pay symbol.

Rock Bottom: Slot Features

Rock Bottom slot
Rock Bottom slot by Nolimit City

Rock Bottom has a few familiar NLC elements, yet it's also a game the studio has used to get a bit experimental as well. The line of features covered includes xSplits, Headshrinker Spins, Insanity Spins, xCap: Downfall, and the Nolimit Bonus.


xSplit symbols land only in the base game on reels 2-4, and are wild when they split. When xSplits hit, they split themselves and character symbols on the same row on the middle reels or adjacent positions on the first and last rows. Character symbols can be split up to three times, making them sizes of 2, 4, or 8. xSplits do not affect scatters, other xSplits, or low pays.


Scatters are present on all reels in the main game. Landing 3 or 4 of them activates Headshrinker Spins, while 5 scatters in view awards Insanity Spins. In both bonus rounds, 5 free spins are awarded, plus 1 free spin for each position scatters are nudged to the bottom row. Scatters also act as wild.

Headshrinker and Insanity Spins

Free spins are played on a 3-reel grid, where only characters, scatters or blanks land. For every 5th collected scatter, the round moves to a higher level. Headshrinker Spins start on level 1 and can reach as high as level 5. For each level, the character symbol associated with the current level expands to become a fully stacked symbol when it hits. Levels progress from the lowest value premium symbol to the highest. Also, character symbols on higher levels not reached yet increase their win multiplier by +1 every time the symbol lands. Symbol multipliers are applied to their corresponding winning combinations. Insanity Spins are the same, except the expanding symbols act as wild. Multipliers of the expanding symbol are added to the multiplier of a different symbol type in a win. Lastly, each landed scatter is not only collected but awards +1 free spin, and +2 free spins are awarded each time the level increases.

xCap: Downfall

If the win exceeds 1,969x the bet, the xCap is triggered, and players get a chance to reveal their downfall. This means making a pick to reveal a random multiplier of x2, x3, x5, x7, or x10, which is applied to the 1,969x win. The game round ends when the xCap feature concludes.

Nolimit Bonus

Clicking the star to open the bonus buy options, if it is there, lets players buy Headshrinker Spins for 75x the bet (max RTP 96.1%) or Insanity Spins for 500x the bet (max RTP 96.18%). Or, paying 183x buys the Lucky draw, which has an 80/20 chance of triggering Headshrinker or Insanity Spins (max RTP 96.36%).

Rock Bottom slot
Rock Bottom slot by Nolimit City

Rock Bottom: Slot Verdict

Coming so soon after Serial meant Rock Bottom wasn't quite as shockingly controversial as it might have been. In saying that, it still manages to plumb new depths of iGaming entertainment players will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Nolimit City is certainly not shy about exploring the grimmer side of life; however, one of the keys to its success is doing so in a somewhat amusing way, humour helping blunt the bleakness. Not completely, though, so anyone looking for a cheerful, pick me up of a game is unlikely to find that in Rock Bottom, which is quite a psychological voyage.

What they will find is perhaps not one of Nolimit City's flagship games, but it doesn't feel like world domination was one of Rock Bottom's intentions either. Rock Bottom didn't pack the same star quality as Tombstone RIP, Deadwood, or San Quentin xWays, for example. However, by not shooting for the stars, the studio carved out a different kind of room to get experimental from a mechanical perspective. Not so much in the base game, which is fairly straightforward for a Nolimit City slot. Keeping track of what was going on presented no major difficulties. Free spins could be a different matter, and it might require a few rounds to figure out exactly how they work. In essence, it's a case of building up symbol multipliers and collecting scatters to progress to higher levels where higher-value symbols become the expanders.

The big difference between Headshrinker and Insanity free spins was the multiplier ability of the expanding symbol, which was noticeable during testing. On the other hand, non-wild expanders could be kinda annoying when they repeatedly fail to link with anything. The lower-than-usual, for Nolimit City, potential reinforced the feeling the studio was more modest with Rock Bottom's goals, though again, it gave the team a chance to get creative with the xCap feature. Serial offered a similar device, yet it had a much higher threshold before it triggered than the one found in Rock Bottom. Getting the right pick here will hit the game's max win capacity of 19,690x the bet.

It might pay to temper expectations before tackling Rock Bottom. It is by no means a dud or even filler, for that matter, but it's not one of the studio's triple-A releases either. However, mentally prepare for some unsettling subject matter, keep an open mind on the features, and there is a unique brand of entertainment to be found here for the right participant.


It may not be one of Nolimit City’s top-tier releases, perhaps, but Rock Bottom is certainly unique in terms of its challenging theme and innovative gameplay.

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