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Tombstone No Mercy : Slot Overview

Game provider Nolimit City dropped its Western-themed online slot Tombstone in 2019, which went on to become the studio's breakout release and put the developer on the radar as a force to be reckoned with. Since then, shoot, who could have predicted the meteoric rise from brash up-and-comer to industry powerhouse, regularly turning out one-of-a-kind slots that few others have the creative juices and the brass balls to release? In some ways, the dust still hasn't settled since Tombstone blew into town like a particularly nasty tumbleweed, as since then, Nolimit City has followed up with several Wild West bangers, including paramount chief Tombstone RIP. The studio has also been busy tinkering like a demented scientist with bonus buys and ante bets over the years, and Tombstone No Mercy is a remake of the original beefed up by a stack of extra betting options.

Like the original, Tombstone No Mercy depicts a wooden shack out the backside of beyond, where the flies buzz, a dry wind blows hot, and there's not much more to do than watch the paint peel. Yet, with Tombstone, Nolimit City captured an exciting Wild Western anything-goes spirit that complemented the action taking place on the unusually aligned reel set. Tombstone No Mercy might not be as viscerally exciting as the original; 5 eventful years have passed after all, but it opens its arms in a warm reunion for fans of the first where the potential has been expanded, and players can now get their hands directly on the features.

Tombstone No Mercy slot
Tombstone No Mercy slot - base game

Step one is loading up a bet where the choices are 10 cents to $/€100 per spin. Then, two xBets may be activated should you so choose - info on these can be found below. The default RTP when the xBet is not used is 96.05%, which is down a bit from the original, though not drastically so. Math model volatility is, yup, 'Extreme', so casual gambling-friendly Tombstone No Mercy probably is not. When the play button is pressed, the 5-reel game grid lands symbols in a 2-3-3-3-2 pattern, supplying 108 ways to win. Be sure to click somewhere on the reels with your cursor during the downtime; go on, do, as players have 6 shots per spin they can let loose for fun. Yeehaw.

Landing a 5 OAK low pay winning combination awards 2 times the bet, whether it is made up of Jack, Queens, Kings, or Aces. After them, hitting a combination of 5 guns, horseshoes, money sacks, gold bars, or sticks of dynamite pays 3 to 6 times the stake.

Tombstone No Mercy : Slot Features

Tombstone No Mercy slot
Tombstone No Mercy slot - Gunslinger free spins

For the most part, Tombstone No Mercy has the same core features as its daddy, Tombstone. The exceptions are the Nolimit feature buys and two xBet options.

Outlaw Wilds (xNudge)

Outlaw Wilds are fully stacked wild symbols appearing on the three middle reels. They display wanted posters for Skinny Joe, the horse thief, Edda Star, the bank robber, and El Gordo, the notorious bandit. Wilds always nudge so they become fully visible on the grid. For each step they are nudged, the win multiplier increases by +1. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the scatter and Badges.

Free Spins

  • Justice Spins - Landing a Sheriff and a Marshall Badge on the leftmost and rightmost reel awards 3 Justice Spins. During Justice Spins, Outlaw Wilds are sticky.
  • Gunslingers Spins - Landing 3 scatters awards 10 Gunslinger Spins. For every step the Outlaw Wilds nudge, the win multiplier increases by 1, and the value sticks for the entire feature. Hitting 1 scatter during the feature awards +1 free spin, 2 scatters gets you +3 free spins.
  • Bounty Spins - Players win 12 Bounty Spins when 3 scatters plus a Sheriff Badge and a Marshall Badge land, combining features of Justice Spins and Gunslinger Spins. In this feature, Outlaw Wilds stick to the reels when they land and award a win multiplier for each step they nudge. Each step they are nudged increases the win multiplier by +1. Hitting 1 scatter during the round awards +1 free spin, 2 scatters gets you +3 free spins.

xBet & Feature Buys

There are two types of xBet - scatter/Outlaw Wild (RTP 95.98%) and Outlaw Wild (RTP 96%). At the cost of 2x the bet, players are guaranteed to land a scatter or an Outlaw Wild, making it twice as likely to trigger free spins. For 5x the bet, players are guaranteed an Outlaw Wild on reels 2, 3, or 4. The Nolimit Bonus gives players the chance to buy their way into various bonuses. The options are:

  • Gunslinger Bonus - 65x the bet, RTP 95.93%.
  • Bounty Spins Bonus - 950x the bet, RTP 95.97%.
  • Lucky Draw 1 (1/5 Bounty Spins) - 242x the bet, RTP 96.01%.
  • Lucky Draw 2 (1/3 Bounty Spins) - 360x the bet, RTP 96%.
  • Justice Spins - 50x the bet, RTP 96%.
Tombstone No Mercy slot
Tombstone No Mercy slot - Bounty free spins

Tombstone No Mercy : Slot Verdict

The first Tombstone slot dropped in 2019 and was the release which really put developer Nolimit City on the map. There had been Hot Nudge before that, but Tombstone was the one which transformed Nolimit City from an up-and-coming studio with a braggadocious name into one to look out for. Since then, well, the studio has certainly lived up to its name, releasing some of the most loved, disturbed, and feared slots on the market. Love 'em or hate 'em, the studio's slots are virtually all memorable in some way, each slot leaving its unique mark on a gambling industry creaking under the weight of a huge number of endlessly mediocre, forgettable games.

As for Tombstone No Mercy, here's one for ya. One of the first, if not the first, Bounty Spins Bonus buys (950x price tag) returned a grand total of something like 1.7x the bet. So yes, Tombstone No Mercy is fully capable of living up to its name by showing zero mercy, and its bonus buys are a better fit for some gamblers than others. Will Tombstone No Mercy spike amongst streamers, for instance? The odds seem favourable because if Tombstone No Mercy gets to firing on both six-shooters, it is capable of being rather good. It helps that the game's presentation, which stood out when Tombstone was first released, continues to do a fine job of exploring a desolate, despairing, anything-goes side of the West that Nolimit City later pushed to the hilt in games like El Paso Gunfight, True Grit Redemption, and Bounty Hunters.

Still, Tombstone wouldn't have been anywhere as successful without its outstanding features, which are back for round two. This time, though, keen gunslingers have the chance to fork out cash to experience them in a shorter space of time - even instantaneously. Such additions being evidence of the sort of instant gratification world we live in. Another sweetener is that the max win is greater now, at 16,480x the bet, and has a much-increased frequency of occurring, as well. In short, if you ever craved a bit of Tombstone with a load of gambling add-ons, then Tombstone No Mercy is about everything someone could ask for. One to look out for, rumbling across on the prairies is… Deadwood RIP.


If Tombstone with a bunch of added gambling options was ever on your wish list, then Tombstone No Mercy should pretty much be the answer.

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