Bison Battle

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Bison Battle: Slot Overview

Despite being honoured in countless online slots these days, buffalos, or bison as they are also known, were once nearly hunted into extinction. North America in the 16th century contained upwards of 30 million bison. By the late 1880s, that number had dropped to less than 100. One contributing factor was the ease with which bison could be hunted. For example, when one bison was killed, others from the herd would gather around it, presenting easy targets for hunters. The positive news for bison-philes is their numbers have bounced back both offline and in the online slots world.

The big beasts have certainly been put to good use in Bison Battle, a North American wildlife slot from software provider Push Gaming. Here they appear as wilds, both regular and sticky, as well as on special feature symbols. We'll get to those soon. For now, let's bask in a glorious canyon filled vista, which switches to a fecund summary version for the Green Valley feature or winter in the Ice Park feature. The change of seasons is a nice effect, and the overall presentation is high, with a few Native American items littering the screen to provide a cultural touch.

Bison Battle slot

Highly volatile (what else?) and available on any device, players start the bison battling by selecting bets of 10 p/c to £/€100. Good to know is that the game comes shipped with a range of RTP settings, with the preferred one being 96.4%. That's the default setting for the game, anyway. As you will see, this number rises to 96.58% when buying the Green Valley feature, or 96.69% for the Ice Park feature.

Played utilising a 5x5 game panel in combination with 20 paylines, all symbols, except the eagle, require at least three of a kind landing left to right from reel number 1 to win. Eagles do so when just two hit. On the lower side of things are four card suit icons – hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds, all worth 2 times the bet for five of a kind. Above them are cougars, wolves, bears, and eagles, worth 10 to 50 times the stake for a five of a kind hit. Also appearing on the grid is the golden Wild Bison symbol, substituting for all regular pays.

Bison Battle: Slot Features

Watching buffalo tussle in real life would probably be a pretty terrifying experience. In Bison Battle, you want them to do so since when they clash, features start to trigger.

Special Symbols

This may get a little confusing in writing but is quite straightforward in action. If you've played the NetEnt classic The Invisible Man, you will kind of recognise the system in place:

The Blue Bison and Green Bison symbols are scatters and land only on reel 1, while Red Bison symbols land on reel 1 and reel 5.

  • When a Green Bison lands on reel 1 with a Red Bison on reel 5 to clash in the same row, the Green Valley feature is triggered.
  • When a Blue Bison lands on reel 1 with a Red Bison on reel 5, in the same row, the Ice Park feature is triggered.


  • Red Bisons landing on reel 1 display an Instant Prize value of 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 250x, 500x, 1,000x, or 2,500x. However, when it lands on reel 1 without a Red Bison in the same row on reel 5, it moves one reel to the right on each spin before falling off.
  • Red Bison symbols on reel 5 possess multipliers of x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10. When one lands without a Red Bison on the same row on reel 1, it moves one reel to the left on each spin.

Ice Park Feature

The Ice Park feature is a streak respin variant starting with 3 free spins. Here, coin symbols or blanks land on the middle three reels (2, 3, and 4), while Bisons with multipliers or blanks may land on reels 1 and 5. When coin symbols hit, they lock in position and reset the spin count. When Bisons hit, they reset the spin count as well and charge across their row, multiplying any coin symbols on it with the value they carry.

Green Valley Feature

When triggered, 8 free spins are awarded. During this feature, wild symbols appear only on the middle three reels and turn sticky when they hit. Red Bison symbols may land on reels 1 or 5 possessing multipliers of x2 to x10 and award +1 free spin. In addition, if a Red Bison lands on a row that already has sticky wilds on it, it charges across and adds its multiplier to all sticky wilds in the row.

Bison Clash Feature

In the base game, when Red Bison's land on reels 1 and 5 in the same row, the Bison Clash feature triggers. The two symbols come together on the reels, awarding the player the Instant Prize value multiplied by the Multiplier.

Bonus Buy

If you are keen on the stampeding to start immediately, players in applicable countries may buy either bonus game. The Green Valley feature costs 75x the bet, while Ice Park feature has a price tag of 95x the bet.

Bison Battle slot
Bison Battle - Green Valley feature

Bison Battle: Slot Verdict

Like an actual stampede, Bison Battle got off to a roaring start during our test session. Early on, we bought the Ice Park feature and went from meh to a 1,300x+ win in a matter of moments. The feature had shades of Relax Gaming's Chip Spin about it. Have you seen the big win clip of the purple sniper chips going to town on the lone green chip, doubling it all the way to the win cap in mere moments? There was something of this dynamic happening in Ice Park as Red Bisons have the power to multiply the shizzle out of coin symbols. When they're in the mood, that is. Naturally, fireworks won't happen every time.

As mentioned earlier, there is also a sort of The Invisible Man feel to the way symbols clash and battle each other. Whilst a true and tried classic, some get frustrated with this approach. Countless times in the base game, Bison symbols landed on the first or fifth reel, then ended up trotting across the grid, not bumping into their opposite number. A bit of teasing is to be expected, of course. On the flip side, the dream scenario is a 2,500x Bison clashing with an x10 Bison. Sure, a unicorn spin, but after seeing Fat Drac awarding 50,000x from a single bubble prize, it's not outside the realms of possibility.

The Green Valley feature could be just as thrilling. At first, not so much, because the paytable didn't really mention the fact Red Bisons add their multiplier to sticky wilds. So, when that started happening in the review out of the blue, it was a very pleasant surprise. It is hard to pick a favourite feature since both have their merits, but the good thing is either bonus game can be hugely entertaining when they blast off. So much so that the maximum payout is capped at 50,000x the bet and has a probability of occurring of 1 in 4,830,920. Not bad odds, all things considered.

To sum up, Bison Battle has a lot to commend about it. Due to the regular reel setup and theme, there is a chance Bison Battle might not grab your attention straight away like other out there Push Gaming slots effortlessly do. However, it's worth checking out what Bison Battle is capable of. Attractive stats, clever features and rolling pace result in a thrilling Chip Spin/Invisible Man mash-up with a greater risk/reward quotient.


Bison Battle is a bucking bronco of a game that can shift from graze to stampede mode in an instant.

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