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Disturbed: Slot Overview

When you go to the doctor or into a hospital, you generally expect to walk out healed, fixed, or on the road to recovery at least. The good news is most doctors, nurses, and health professionals go into the medical field to help people. However, bad apples do exist, and one who is rotten to the core plays a sinister leading role in the online slot Disturbed from software provider Nolimit City. A name like Disturbed and a track record like the one Nolimit City has should be a big ol' red flag for players who easily get squeamish. On the other hand, for those who dig what the studio does, here is another disturbing online slot to try. Maybe don't do so if you've got an appointment for a medical check-up coming anytime soon though…

However, if you're feeling brave, then welcome to the 'demented clinic of Dr. Daniel Eath' – Nolimit City's words here, 'where top-quality service often leaves patients breathless…' The base game is held in a dingy clinic room, with a one-snake Caduceus of Mercury on the wall and an unusually arranged game grid in the middle. Disturbed has faint links to Mental (2021), as both are loosely based on the medical industry, sort of, yet Disturbed isn't as shocking as Mental was, initially, at least. It's got a definite creep factor, however, and as more of the story unfolds through things like big win countups, bonus round triggers, and certain symbols, Disturbed may start to get uncomfortably under the skin, where it nests, like a repressed memory of something traumatic. Worth mentioning also is the soundtrack, which is an absolute retro synth paradise. Yet after a while, even the tunes somehow emphasised the 80s videotape horror/slasher flick feel.

disturbed slot
Disturbed slot - main game

Disturbed's game grid contains 5 reels lined up in a 4-2-4-2-4 formation, with 256 ways to win. The extra 4 monitor positions on reels 2 and 4 are the Enhancer Cells where features may be triggered from. A highly volatile slot, Disturbed is made available in three RTP models, 96.10% being the highest. Players may pick a wager of 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin and decide whether to activate the xBet/Ramp Access. Doing so increases the stake by x2 whilst also guaranteeing the top left Enhancer Cell is lit up, plus a scatter lands on the first reel. With the xBet on, the RTP increases to 96.13%.

Using a ways system, Disturbed awards a win when matching symbols land on at least three adjacent reels from the left side of the grid. The low pays are five medically-related symbols, while the highs are a bag of blood, a biohazard bin, Ms Happ, Mr Facelift, and Dr Death. Yeah, not a nice clinic to be a patient of. Hitting a 5 OAK winning way pays 2x the bet for the low pays and 2.5x to 10x the bet for the high pays. Fully stacked character symbols may land on the central reel in the base game, Pre-op Spins or Annihilation spins transform into a wild symbol, replacing any pay symbol.

Disturbed: Slot Features

Disturbed slot
Disturbed slot - Pre Op Spins

Within this dubious bag of doctor's tricks are features such as Mrs. Nudge, the Enhancer Cell modifiers, Pre-op Spins, Annihilator Spins, Angel of Death, Six Feet Under, and the Nolimit Bonus.

Mrs. Nudge

Mrs. Nudge can only hit on the third reel. When Mrs. Nudge lands, it is always nudged to cover the whole reel. Each nudge increases the win multiplier by +1.

Enhancer Cells

On each spin, up to 4 Enhancer Cells may be lit. When lit, one of these modifiers will trigger:

  • xWays – a random position becomes xWays. xWays affects all symbols in an xSplit position.
  • xSplit – Mr. Split is a wild symbol, too. Random symbols on the middle reel turn into Mr. Split, and the same symbols can be picked again. xSplit will split (add 1 extra symbol) on all positions in the same row but not itself. If an xWays is split, an extra xWays symbol is added.
  • Wild – a random position becomes a regular wild symbol.
  • Disturber – each Disturber triggers a respin. In a triggered Disturber, the activated features are re-triggered. Positions affected by xWays, wild, or split by the xSplit do reset between Disturber.
  • Gravestones – landing 4 gravestones may activate the Angel of Death.


Scatters may land on any reel in the base game. Executioner scatters only land on the middle reel in Pre-op Spins. Landing the Executioner Scatter symbol upgrades Pre-op Spins to Annihilation Spins and awards +3 extra spins.

Pre-op Spins

Landing 3, 4, or 5 scatters activates 12, 15, or 20 Pre-op Spins, respectively. During Pre-op Spins, 1 Enhancer Cell is always lit. Activating a Disturber awards an extra spin.

Annihilation Spins

Landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols with all Enhancer Cells lit activates 12, 15, or 20 Annihilation Spins, respectively. During this feature, all Enhancer Cells are lit, and activating a Disturber awards an extra spin.

Angel of Death & Six Feet Under

Landing 4 lit gravestones as well as a stacked Dr. Death symbol on the middle reel triggers Angel of Death, leading to Six Feet Under, awarding the game's max win.

Nolimit Bonus

The Nolimit Bonus lets players buy Pre-op Spins (max RTP 96.12%) for 112x the bet, Annihilation Spins (max RTP 96.21%) for 666x the bet, or a random trigger of either feature (max RTP 96.25%) for 250x the bet.

Disturbed slot
Disturbed slot - Annihilation Spins

Disturbed: Slot Verdict

Blood, cannibalism, toilet paper, abduction, sadistic doctors, there really doesn't seem to be much that is off-limits for the Nolimit City team. Disturbed definitely lives up to its name; Nolimit City has certainly gone for a strange theme to box the game up in. Not totally surprising, though, if you've played Mental, Serial, Kiss My Chainsaw, or a bunch of other offbeat stuff, the studio has done. It's like your friend draws a picture or tells you something so bizarre you don't know whether to laugh or feel concerned for them. Of course, fans of Nolimit City's work will be used to a certain level of shock.

Still, Disturbed is pretty shocking in both details and overall story, though it is interesting how quickly it's possible to be desensitised to things like blood bags and bleeding-eyed victims. Perhaps it is because the gameplay can be somewhat confusingly distracting if you haven't fully absorbed Disturbed's set of rules. One of the most disorienting elements is the position of the Enhancer Cells, rammed right on the reel rather than sitting above or below it. Once you've got everything down, however, the game becomes a lot clearer. The core gist is getting as many lit Enhancer Cells as possible to trigger multiple effects, get a bit of nudging happening on the middle reel, and line up some juicy pay symbols. The ultimate result would be hitting 4 tombstones and a stacked Dr. Death on the middle reel to win Disturbed's full potential of 54,391 times the bet, something that theoretically happens 1 in 10 million spins on the 96.1% RTP option.

Sturdy numbers, to be sure, and there is a good load of innovation happening in Disturbed as well. Maybe not blazingly original innovation by Nolimit City standards, but the studio has rejigged many of the things it's used before into an original packaging. The packaging itself might be a bit off-putting for some, perhaps, and the same might be said for the way Disturbed functions, which isn't as straightforward as landing three rows of symbols on a five-reel grid in a traditional fashion. At the end of the day, like a lot of what Nolimit City does, it might take a few spins to figure out how Disturbed works, then a few spins more to determine whether Disturbed is a little too much or just what the doctor ordered.


Disturbed is a textbook Nolimit City release that is as shocking, complex, and thematically divisive as they come.

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