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Hyper Respins: Slot Overview

Come soar the solar winds with Yggdrasil Gaming partner ReelPlay in an online slot bearing the moniker Hyper Respins. If you're familiar with the studio's work, you might be wondering if Hyper and Hypernova are in any way related. It would appear as if they are because Hyper Respins is a cosmically themed online slot which is as etheric as any in the Hypernova range. Where this one differs is that it is a cluster paying grid slot, with complimentary features such as Bombs, Megabombs, Hyperbombs, Zaps, Megazaps, and a hold' n win respins bonus round.

Hopefully, you like floating around in the void, bearing witness to the awesome creative powers of nebulas, because this is where Hyper Respins spends its time. Out where the more humans learn, the more questions we seem to uncover. As Douglas Adams said in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy – 'Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.' As well as gas and stars, one of Hyper Respins' highlights is a dramatic soundtrack touching on the sublime which wouldn't be out of place in a Neil deGrasse Tyson space documentary. Audio-visually, music is Hyper Respins' strongest points, unless that is, you've got a soft spot for simple, plain, older-looking games.

Hyper Respins slot
Hyper Respins slot - base game

The journey to the furthest reaches of human knowledge (some imagination may be required here) begins by picking a stake of 20 p/c to $/€15 per spin, which it is possible to do on any device. Hyper Respins' active gaming area is 6x6 in size, and a win is triggered when at least 5 matching symbols land in horizontal or vertical adjacent positions. Medium-high volatile, Hyper Respins has a maximum RTP of 96.1% or 97.4% when buying the bonus round, costing 80 times the bet.

One potential competitor to Hyper Respins is iSoftBet's slot Euphoria, and like Euphoria, many of the symbols here are of the gemstone variety. For pay symbols, Hyper Respins has purple triangles, green triangles, purple squares, blue squares, green diamonds, pink pentagons, orange hexagons, and gold octagons. A 5-of-a-kind win pays 0.15 to 1 times the bet, whereas a 15+ sized cluster is worth 10 to 250 times the bet. However, wild symbols not only substitute for any pay symbols, but when one or more wilds are used in a win, the payout value is multiplied by 4. One more thing, winning symbols are removed, and the gaps they create are filled with symbols dropping down from above.

Hyper Respins: Slot Features

Hyper Respins slot
Hyper Respins slot - bombs in action

Who knew ReelPlay had such an interest in things that go boom? At least that's the impression formed after playing Hyper Respins which has a Bomb, Megabomb, and Hyperbomb symbols, as well as three types of Zap symbols and a hold' n win feature.


These three bomb types may land, each one triggering its own effect:

  • Bomb – affects symbols in a 3x3 square, allowing new symbols to drop in.
  • Megabomb – affects symbols in a 5x5 square, allowing new symbols to drop in.
  • Hyperbomb – affects all symbols on the grid.

Zap Symbols

This brings us to the Zap symbols, of which there are three types:

  • Zap (vertical) – affects all symbols on its reel.
  • Zap (horizontal) – affects all symbols on its row.
  • Megazap – affects all symbols on its reel and row.

Hyper Symbols

Bombs and Zap symbols are called Hyper symbols and they activate after any regular wins have been awarded. When they remove regular pay symbols, each removed symbol awards 0.05 to 1 times the bet, while removed wilds are worth 2x the bet each. Also, if Hyper symbols affect scatter symbols, their displayed reward value is doubled.

Bonus Respins

When 5 or more scatter symbols are in view, Bonus Respins are awarded - after any regular symbol wins are awarded or Hyper Symbols are done. Triggering scatter symbols are held, and all other positions spin. When a new scatter lands, it is also held while resetting the respins count back to the original value of 3. Scatter prize values range from 1 to 100 times the bet, which are awarded when the round ends. During the feature, only scatters, blanks or Hyper symbols may appear.

Hyper Respins slot
Hyper Respins slot - bonus respins

Hyper Respins: Slot Verdict

Hyper Respins is a bit like someone who has given up smoking and is vaping as a substitute rather than going cold turkey. ReelPlay might have dropped the 'nova' from the title, but Hyper Respins feels like a very close cousin to the studio's Hypernova range of online slots – Hypernova Megaways, Hypernova 10K Ways and so on. Games that didn't exactly blow our hair back, no matter how swiftly they attempted to blast through the cold void of space. As such, there wasn't much expectation Hyper Respins would either. Yet you know what, it wasn't too bad. Sure, it looks old school AF, bordering on plainly basic, but the sweeping cosmic opera soundtrack pulled it back from sensory oblivion, and there are one or two devices tucked up Hyper Respins' sleeve that work pretty well when deployed on the game grid.

One possible area of intrigue for cluster pay enthusiasts is the way Hyper symbols collect the values of the symbols they blow up rather than just remove them to allow a drop. Small things, but evolution occurs in increments and all. Kind of ReelPlay to allow Hyper symbols into the bonus round, as well, to help move things along. So effective they are that according to the game info, Hyper Respins can nova it up to a maximum of 13,552 times the bet, making it one of the highest performers in the Hyper/Hypernova family of slots.

Naturally, it's easy to exceed expectations when they were relatively low to non-existent to start with, yet Hyper Respins managed to do so anyway. In the right hands, maybe players who appreciate older sci-fi, William Shatner-era Star Trek, for example, might be interested in Hyper Respins from an audio-visual perspective, and once the game gets going, its features aren't too bad either. Let's not get too carried away; Hyper Respins doesn't feel destined to rock the gambling galaxy to its core, but considering what came before, it's not without its merits.


It’s not exactly a modern ocular extravaganza, but Hyper Respins is arguably one of the most playable of the Hypernova-related slots so far released.

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