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MexoMax!: Slot Overview

As Fred Durst asked in the Gen-X jingle My Generation –'Do you know where you are? Welcome to the jungle…' The Limp Bizkit front man's greeting is as good as any other to welcome players to MexoMax!, an online slot its maker describes as a 'Mayan quest deep into the Aztec jungle'. MexoMax! is an addition to Yggdrasil's collection of MultiMax slots and the first of them to use a cluster paying mechanic for generating wins. As well as cascades creating wild symbols, each reel can have its own multiplier, and when more than one is used in a win, they multiply each other's values. In other words, like its predecessor, MexoMax! is capable of going all sorts of bananas in the right circumstances. Let's see how it works.

On the subject of predecessors and sibling slots, MexoMax! shares a similar graphical look to both Multifly! and Raptor DoubleMax. That means players land in a verdant outdoor spot full of exotic flowers, shivering plant life, and if snakes give you the willies try not to look at the right side of the screen where one slithers through the undergrowth on practically a never-ending loop. If Yggdrasil was going for a mysterious angle, they've achieved it, not just with the vibrant graphics, but the music also adds a slight sense of menace to the scene.

mexomax slot
MexoMax! slot - base game

Plonked in the middle of it all is the game's 6-reel, 6-row panel, which displays 36 symbols on each new drop. Normal spins cost 20 p/c to £/€100 each, though there may be a chance of activating the Golden Bet as well. The Golden Bet increases the stake by 25% to have extra scatter symbols present on the reels, increasing the chance of entering the bonus round. A 'Super High' volatile game, MexoMax! comes in several RTP forms, with 96% being the highest. At this level, hits come at a frequency of 21.28%, occurring when five or more matching symbols are adjacent to each other in vertical or horizontal directions.

There are parts of Mayan or Aztec culture that were, well, a bit macabre by modern standards, and there is a hint of this in MexoMax!'s paytable. Mainly the wild as it depicts a beating heart, pulsating when it sits on the reels. Wilds substitute for any pay symbol and raise the reel multiplier by +1, more on this in a moment. The regular pay symbols consist of four lower value stone carvings and four higher value facial objects. Landing five of a kind wins are worth 0.25 to 1.5 times the stake, all the way up to 4-9.25x the bet for 14+ matching symbols. Lastly, the Chest is a bit of a random one. When Chest symbols land, they award a cash win, wilds or even free spins.

MexoMax!: Slot Features

MexoMax! slot
MexoMax! slot - free spins gamble wheel

MexoMax! is a game where features trigger other features which feed each other to potentially produce better results. The first one to tackle is the Dropdown feature, which removes winning symbols from the grid, letting new and existing symbols fall down to fill any gaps. If another win is created after the symbols drop, the feature triggers again until no new win occurs.

Wilds and Multipliers

During a Dropdown, a wild symbol is placed in an empty space before the gaps are filled, and the Reel Multiplier above it increases by +1. Multipliers are applied to any future wins on that reel, and when more than one Reel Multiplier is part of a win, the values are multiplied. Multipliers reset between paid spins.

Free Spins

Landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols in the base game awards 7, 9, or 11 free spins, respectively. They don't start straight away but instead allow players to gamble on a wheel to win more if the gamble is successful or lose the lot if not (up to 18 free spins). During free spins, Reel Multipliers do not reset until the feature ends. If you'd prefer to buy free spins and the option is there, the cost for doing so is 75x the bet for at least 3 scatters to land or 125x the bet for 5 scatters (11 free spins).

mexomax slot
MexoMax! slot - free spins

MexoMax!: Slot Verdict

At this point in time, it would be hard to say that MultiMax slots are flying off the production line in great quantities, yet they do tend to be good when they arrive. Multifly! led the charge back in early 2020, and partner studio Bulletproof Games had a crack with the mechanic in Crystal Falls MultiMax, which had its charms but was hampered by one or two limitations. Raptor DoubleMax, by comparison, is like the bigger, older cousin of the group, who knows a bit more about how the world works. Multifly! and Raptor DoubleMax were rock steady releases that could weave multiplicative magic, and so can MexoMax! when its jungly bits are firing.

It goes without saying, but Reel Multipliers multiplying each other are the key to MexoMax! Don't get us wrong, this doesn't always happen, yet it was astonishing how a bonus round could roll through a few poor spins, then rack up a set of Reel Multipliers before bringing them together to produce something decent. Individual Reel Multipliers never really rose to great heights during testing, but the power is in combining them where their cumulative effect can be surprising. MexoMax! doesn't have the same march of the multiplier effect that Raptor DoubleMax has, and max win bears this out. Where the dino one could reach 20,000x the bet, MexoMax! taps out at the lower yet still desirable level of 10,000 times the stake.

It's a little peculiar that more than two years passed between Multifly! and MexoMax!, with a break in between them by Crystal Falls Multimax. You might think such a potent tool in the Yggdrasil arsenal would've seen the light of day more often. Well, the drought has eased, and the result is a thumping good Mayan/Aztec-themed slot which demonstrates again how exciting stacked multipliers can be.


MexoMax! offers a thrilling reminder of the potent power Yggdrasil’s MultiMax mechanic can unleash.

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