3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

(Reflex Gaming) Slot Review


3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox slot

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox: Slot Overview

Predicting the future is an endeavour famously fraught with peril. For one, even if the world’s greatest minds and supercomputers could distil every single variable, none could predict events with any great degree of accuracy. On the other hand, a completely predictable future would be utterly terrifying. Knowing exactly what is about to happen reduces the human experience to a set of predefined actions we are doomed to enact. Better to do what Yggdrasil partner Reflex Gaming has done for 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox; have a bit of fun envisaging how the world might be 100 years down the track.

In 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox, that means a bleak world where most of humanity has been forced underground to escape an atmosphere made toxic by several nuclear wars. Those who remain above ground are lawless low lives doing pretty much whatever they please, making sure to steer clear of bounty hunters. The bounty hunter in today’s game is called SK-1000, and he helps players track down prizes during the base and bonus game.

Powered by Yggdrasil’s Gigablox mechanic, 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter is played on a 6×6 sized game grid providing 40 fixed lines to hit wins across. Reflex has gone for a video game-like presentation, with SK-1000 bobbing away on the left side of the screen, while a desolate image of earth makes up the background. It all starts on a positive foot, before a number of ‘what the’s?’ pop up, which the game doesn’t manage to overcome.

First is bet selection, where options range from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin. If you’re planning on buying the feature, be aware it is only available up to a base bet level of 10 credits. The RTP, meanwhile, comes in two forms, defaulting at 96.03%, but may be found at 94.02%, so be on the lookout for this better figure. The rest of the stats in the default RTP version include medium-high volatility and a hit rate of 16.05%, though they are more so less the same for the lower version as well.

Wins occur when three or more matching symbols line up left to right, involving any of the eight regular pay symbol types – 4 are low-value card suits, while the rest are characters such as a futuristic blue-haired lady, a cyborg type, a big purple dude, and a red skull guy you would not want to bump into topside. Hitting a six of a kind combo made up of character symbols results in a payout worth 4 to 8 times the stake.

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox: Slot Features

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox slot
3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox – free spins

Gigablox is the core feature, active on every single spin. How it works is that symbols may appear in blocks of up to 5×5 in size, altering the number of reels in play. So you might have a reel of 2×2 blocks, a 1×1 and another of 2×2, for example. Blocks count as the number of individual 1×1 tiles making them up. They land completely randomly, so players never know what’s coming up.

Another feature which may strike at random on any spin is the Wild Reel Bonus. When triggered, SK-1000 shoots the reels, turning hit symbols wild, meaning they can substitute any pay symbol. The Wild Reel Bonus appears more often during free spins.

When 5 or more scatter symbols land, Bounty Hunter Free Spins are awarded – 1 spin for each triggering symbol. As with Giga sized pay symbols, blocks of scatters award the number of individual tiles they are composed of. For example, a 2×2 scatter block equates to 4 free spins. Before free spins begin, a small wheeled device rolls out to project a list of 10 multiplier values. Following each win in free spins, SK-1000 shots one of these numbers, which is then used to multiplier the payout. Multipliers range from x1 up to x25.

Where available, players may choose to buy free spins rather than wait for them to show up on their own – theoretically every 321 spins. The cost of this is 100x the total stake, awarding up to 25 free spins.

3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox: Slot Verdict

After reading the game sheet and having a brief look, 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox showed promise due to its imaginative backstory and a dystopian world Reflex put the time in to develop. It initially felt similar to Relax Gaming‘s Multiplier Odyssey or Pragmatic‘s Star Bounty – to begin with before cracks started to show in the façade. There is evidence of a creative streak here, but the inclusion of Thanos’ stunt double and a Terminator wannabe as two of the pay symbols spoil the effect. Since Thanos is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe, is the comic book company going to stand back to let The Mad Titan’s image be diluted by a slot that isn’t particularly good?

On the gameplay side of things, 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter isn’t terrible, largely thanks to Gigablox doing its unpredictable thing on the reels. One or two previous Gigablox games have been convincing Megaways alternatives, yet the relatively low number of paylines and potential don’t help 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter’s chances. The new addition it brings to the Gigablox table are multipliers on every free spin win; we haven’t seen this before, and sometimes they worked quite well during test runs. It’s a bit disappointing then that the most you can collect from 3021 AD The Bounty Hunter is 3,714 times the base stake – one of the lowest Gigablox totals to date. Max win isn’t everything; however, the low figure is icing on an already unappealing cake.

You can see what the studio was aiming for, but their ambition has outstripped execution in a game that ends up having too many weird or sloppy moments for the positives to overcome. If we ignore Suncatcher for a moment, once again, a Yggdrasil partner studio has highlighted how much better features like Gigablox are when used in the hands of their original maker.


3021 AD The Bounty Hunter Gigablox is an interesting concept ruined by clunky execution and too many moments of weirdness.

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